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Google Basics
Starter Package

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Branding on Maps

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Converting Website

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Your Branding & Colours

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Converting Website + Google Branding Package

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Branding on Maps Package

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We have a Website Package to Suit Your Needs and Budget

Your online presence is an increasingly valuable asset of a small business today and we can help you make the most of it.  We’re dedicated to getting the best results for you and your business and work hard at looking after your website so it stays up to date and continues to work for you.

Contact us today so we can have a look at your website needs together and work out a package to suit your needs.

Thank you for taking the time to work through the changes with me and for always keeping me up to date.  I have found this website easy to work on as everything is so well laid out.

You have done a great job with the design and capturing our company, thank you!


Get Online Starter Package

This package is all about making it easy for people to find you, find out about you, and how to contact you and purchase off you.  This is an essential foundational package for every local business to help you be found in Google for your brand name.  This is the most value for your initial online budget.

How it Helps your Business


Great Starting Point


Effective Strategy for more visibility


Be easily Recognised


Increase Exposure

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Converting Website Package

Do you want a site that works for you and is helpful in creating new customers for your business? We’re here to make a difference and make getting online as painless as possible for you.

Our Converting Website package keeps your costs down but gives your maximum value.  Designed to convert your websites into customers using proven strategies.  Do you want a website that makes a big difference in your marketing efforts?

How it Helps your Business


Designed to Convert


Presents your Product/Services Clearly


Provides Value to Your Customers


No Worries with Website Care Plan


Pre-Formatted to Reduce Costs


Affordable and Effective

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Converting Website + Google Branding Package


First 2 packages combined.

A website is often a big investment for business owners.  A website can be very helpful in your marketing efforts, but it does need to be found.  This package offers you a beautiful website that can be found easily.

We believe in the importance of getting your web presence right, and looking after it.  The website in this package is our Converting Website Package above with some added bonus features.

Do you want to show up in the search results when someone searches for you online?  We’ll link your website to Google Maps, and get your online branding sorted so your business is easy to find.  We’re committed to getting you the best results.

How it Helps your Business


Harness the Power of Personal Recommendations


Be Found Easily


Get a Website that Works for You


Get the Functionality you Require


Designed to Convert


Stand Out and be Recognised


No Worries with our Website Care Plan

Talk to us to discuss how we can help you with an amazing online presence and help turn your visitors into customers.  Book a chat below.

More info

How many minutes does an average website visitor spend on 90% of the sites they visit?  7 seconds; not minutes, but seconds.  Take that in for a moment.  This means that you only have a few moments to convey who you are, what you do and who you do it for.  You also need to convince them that you’re their best choice.

This means you need to nail your pitch, get it to the front and centre of your front page.  We don’t want to beat around the bush when it comes to providing the information you want your visitors to see.


Best Website Design Makes your Call to Action Clear

Ebundant for customised Web Page Design

What do you want your visitors to do once they’ve found your site in the search engines?  Do you want them to call, visit, send you a message or purchase something? Defining your main call to action is an essential and critical first step when it comes to website design.  Get this right, and you’re more likely to convert your visitors into customers.

Be Specific about your Marketing Plan with your Web Designer

If you can provide a detailed marketing plan for your business, we can do so much more about optimizing your website to convert your traffic into leads.  If at all possible, our Project Manager likes to meet in person or online before starting a new site and dig deep into your business, your passion, why you do what you do and who your target market is.  Once we have established this we are so much more equipped to create a site that is dynamically yours, that matches you and your business, graphic design needs and any search engine optimization or social media marketing required. We get to the core of what your business exists for and convey this to your potential customers.

Make sure your Web Design Company is Involved and Builds your Site with Purpose

Every part of your site is designed with a specific purpose in mind.  We don’t add features that don’t need to be there.  Everything in your website design is done for a reason and has a specific job to do.

We don’t simply take your cash and with amazing graphic design produce a visual masterpiece and then go on our way, we build a custom web site.  We want partner with you to create a site that you’ll love, that you want to direct people to, and that reflects the unique points about your business, that provides a great user experience, and convinces visitors to take the next step towards being a valued customer.

Responsive Web Design is Imperative

More and more people are wanting to access information while they’re on the move.  Your Ebundant built site is guaranteed to be responsive to all devices. Enabling anyone to access you from the most common web applications and devices like phone, tablet, laptop or desktop is an essential feature for all new websites. If required, our team can even help develop a mobile app.

Many mobile users are also frequently on social media. Our team is well positioned to build out a social media marketing campaign that can integrate seamlessly into your digital marketing objectives.

Design your Website with Quality Content, Graphics and Photos

Your content is vital in leading your visitors to make a purchase, phone call, or send a message.  You need to convince your visitors that you are an authority in your field and that you’re products or services are the best.  Having great content also convinces them that you’ve invested time and effort in sharing your message in a way that is appealing and attractive.

The quality of photos can literally make a site amazing or ordinary.  Never underestimate the value of getting that photo just right.  It can set the whole feel and emotion of your site.  A visually compelling website design immediately establishes the quality of your business and your product or service.  If you can convince a visitor to stay longer than 7 seconds then you’re already winning!


Logical User Experience for a Good Business Website

We look at your website’s design from a user point of view.  We ask questions like “why did they arrive here in the first place?” and “what do they want to find now they’re here?” We aim to create a user experience that knows what visitors want and delivers solutions easily.  We give them the information they’re after even before they realise what they need.  We want their interaction with you to be seamless, enjoyable, and stress free.

How will Customers find your Website – SEO Marketing?

Just having a website is great, but if no one’s finding it then it’s not really that useful.  You need a strategy to get your content out to the people who need it. All websites require search engine optimisation; SEO.

A quality SEO service is a sound investment, but you need to be looking for one that looks at the big picture, not just ranking you for a select few keywords.  You need a search engine optimization professional that is also a Google Expert and can connect all your social properties properly in a way to best send highly targeted traffic to your site.  Ebundant Online keeps up with the very latest and ground breaking SEO techniques that will get your site in front of the people that really matter, your customers.

Software Engineering for Custom Features

When required, Ebundant Online can handle any web design and web development project. One of our team members is fluent in multiple programming languages and thrives on web developments that require software engineering to any content management systems. As an information technology graduate his understanding of development tools and software testing has been quite beneficial to our design web team. We also have access to app developers giving us a unique position help with any content management system or mobile app.