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Converting Website Package

Does your Website work for you?

All too often, we come across business who have a website that they’ve paid good money for, but the website remains static.

It does not get updated, over time it is difficult to get updated and is simply showcasing old information and has functions that no longer work.

It’s not working hard for you.  Your business keeps moving forward, but your website does not reflect that. 

Don’t let that happen to you.  If it has happened to you, you can’t afford for it to happen again. 

Getting you the Best Results

Here at Ebundant Online we value each of our customers as a person and endeavor to always take the time to listen to your needs. 

We are dedicated to getting the best results for you and your business through your online properties. 

If we don’t believe something will be beneficial to your business, we won’t sell it to you.

Keeping your website and online properties updated and relevant is important to us.  We aim to have them working hard for you.


Features of our Converting Website Package:


Designed to Convert

These converting websites are designed to convert your visitors into customers.  They are designed to build trust with your visitors.  Your visitors get to know you, what you can offer them and how to purchase from you.  Using this proven template we aim to help you build your customer base through your new website.


Present Product Clearly

When people search online for a product or service, often they’re in the research phase. They’re trying to find out information, whether you’re the expert or authority in your field, and finding out how they can buy from you if they feel it’s the right solution for them.  You’ve got to present your products clearly, and let them know how you’re solving their problem.


Provide Value for your Customers

If they find you first and you offer something of value they are likely to base their purchasing decisions on the information you have provided them. They’re more likely to trust you, and they’re more likely to come back to you when they’re ready to purchase. And more likely than not, you’ve got their details so you can follow them up.

Pre-Formatted Layout

Using our pre-formatted structured layout with proven conversion capabilities gives you the best ROI from your online marketing efforts.

These websites are modern, professional, mobile responsive and fresh incorporating individualised branding and color themes strongly reflecting your business.

Essential customised calls to action are included and the site is optimised to get website visitors to engage with you.



Database Builder

Your incorporated Database Builder is designed to capture website visitor’s information.

This grows your email list so you can be strategic with your email marketing efforts which is one of the most cost effective marketing tools out there.

If you’re not building your own database, you are missing out.  This kind of data is arguably The most valuable commodity in the world today, and we aim to help you benefit from it.

Care Plan

 Your monthly Care Plan includes website hosting, backups, ongoing maintenance and small website tweaks to text and images.

This eliminates your headaches caused by website managers not being responsive to your needs.

Even though you will be the owner of your website, we will maintain it so you can look after your business. This Care Plan is designed to make managing your website easy.

Does your business need a website that works hard to get results for you?  Are you unsure where to start to get a new website for your business?

Our unique website packages are designed to get results for your business at realistic price.  We’re here to make a difference and make getting online as painless as possible for you.  Get in touch today.

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This package is designed for local businesses.  To help you get a website that works for you in an affordable and very effective way.

Our websites are created to cater for those who are searching for your products or services.

They are also designed to capture contact details for people who are interested in you so you can be more effective in your marketing efforts.

Most importantly, they’re designed to convert your website visitors into customers.

More info

No matter the size all company websites require fantastic material

If you want a client friendly site, however with a professional arrangement, you need to obtain the aid of these professional corporate site developers. Lots of services battle to develop and keep a successful internet site, because they lack the understanding required.

Your brand-new web site must be established with your one-of-a-kind company purposes in mind, to guarantee that the growth and design attains genuine end results for your business.

The layout as well as placement of aspects on your internet site will certainly take hours, weeks or even months, yet whether it functions or not will certainly be made a decision in an immediate. That impression from a brand-new individual will identify if and exactly how she or he continues to engage with your site, brand or service. A visually pleasing layout plan will certainly aid that initial look last longer and also maintain individuals.

It’s a wonderful technique and one that every organisation should release for their web site.

Always offer good quality material on your web pages, Web site visitors are mainly seekers. They search for details, and also if you don’t give them just what they require, they’ll go in other places.

Website design is about communicating details to the individuals in the most straight, tidy as well as useful way.

A business web site also has to capture the feel of the company and also its objective, while remaining professional in order to achieve a strong and also lasting impression to its customers.


Explain Yourself with an about us web page


Fortune-500 companies as well as significant federal government firms may well ask why they ought to trouble providing Concerning Us details. They’re huge, crucial, as well as most likely renowned. They truly should not need to trouble with peons that are also silly to understand about them

However common in significant companies as well as government companies, arrogance is an unsuccessful attitude regardless of exactly how large you are. Individuals with little to no expertise about your organization could have several genuine reasons for wishing to learn more about it.


Know your market and also appeal to them.

If you obtain many of your company through networking as well as personal links, then they will certainly desire to inspect out your website Make the homepage stand out. They have actually conditioned repeat individuals, who are able to look through the advertisements, widgets as well as thumbnails to access the info they need.Having a website that links is very inportant Due to the fact that so numerous clients rely only on the internet to steer them toward brand-new firms, a company’s internet presence could make or damage its success in finding and also capturing brand-new leads. In several ways web searches have changed word-of-mouth references that were once the bread and also butter of numerous a service.


Always have an excellent Photo album

Also if you do not desire to sell your items online, you could wish to showcase your goods or services in an unique picture gallery– demonstrate how your services or products are being used by your clients. They state “pictures talk a thousand words” as well as on your web site it is especially crucial. Don’t offer your customers a reason to see your competitor’s site and provide them with all the info they might perhaps need or desire.

corporate web design team

Have a Newsroom Page on your site:


This your chance to talk to the media and the one area it is okay to boast a bit regarding how amazing you are! Your newsroom is where you can publish links to newspaper article that showcase you or your service as well as press releases regarding your achievements and your business success.


Exactly what to consist of: Exactly how the media can reach you, exactly how you can assist the media, connect to download your head shot( s), short, tool, and also long versions of your biography, a checklist of and also connect to news articles, and also a list of and also links to press releases.


Display your Team

List them on the Meet the Staff page.On the Meet Your Team web page, reveal that your business consists of real individuals. Include photos of you and also your personnel (even if the staff consists of family participants). Individuals love to see the individuals with whom they do company.


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