Creating a Virtual Tour of Your Business

360 Degree Technology

360 photography is an amazing technological advance and as business owners we can really make it work to our advantage. They say a photo is worth a thousand words. Imagine how many words a 360 degree photo is worth! 360 degree media is here to stay, and embracing the technology earlier than later will give you a point of difference for your customers.


Use 360 Videos for Marketing

Like all marketing platforms, your individual situation will need to be considered when thinking about using this new technology for marketing purposes.

At the very least, it can give your visitors a virtual tour of your premises before they actually walk through your door.

Using 360 videos instead of a blog post or infographic will be sure to catch more eyes on your social media posts.



The Possibilities are Endless

Imagine having a 360 photo or video of your wedding ceremony.

Watching it will give the viewer an experience where they can be immersed in it, a bit like a virtual reality video game, but it’s real life. Other uses for 360 degree media content would be:

  • Hotels can allow potential guests to view the rooms before booking.
  • 360 video can be utilised for security purposes. There’s no hiding from a 360 camera!
  • Give your customers a virtual tour of your shop, cafe, or restaurant. When they visit, they’ll feel like they’ve been there before.

360 Photos for your Google Listing

Once we complete the photography for a virtual reality tour of your business, we can then add the media directly onto your business Google listing.

This means that people who are using Google to search for products, services, or are using Google maps can have access to viewing your premises in 360 degrees.


Pan through the photo below to get a glimpse of 360 degree photography.

Here is an example from a 360 photo shoot we have recently completed for a client.

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