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Ecommerce Websites

Do you want an Online Store that works for you?

Do you need an online store that looks beautiful and is easy for your customers to navigate and purchase from you?

Do you want the whole purchasing experience to be seamless and easy for your customers?  Are you amazing at customer service and want to continue that experience for your online customers?

There are several unique needs to consider when setting up your ecommerce website. 

Getting you the Best Results

Here at Ebundant Online we value each of our customers as a person and endeavor to always take the time to listen to your needs.

We are dedicated to getting the best results for you and your business through your online properties.

 Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with creating an ecommerce website that works for your needs.

Features of our Ecommerce Website packages:

Talk to us today about your needs and we can create a bespoke website strategy for you.


Designed to Convert

Our converting websites are the perfect foundation for your new ecommerce store.  They are designed to convert your visitors into customers.  They are designed to build trust with your visitors.  Your visitors get to know you, what you can offer them and how to purchase from you.  Using this proven template we aim to help you build your customer base through your new website.


Present Product Clearly

When people search online for a product or service, often they’re in the research phase. They’re trying to find out information, whether you’re the expert or authority in your field, and finding out how they can buy from you if they feel it’s the right solution for them. 

You’ve got to present your products clearly, and let your visitors know how your product can solve their problem.


Provide Value for your Customers

If they find you first and you offer something of value they are likely to base their purchasing decisions on the information you have provided them. They’re more likely to trust you, and they’re more likely to come back to you when they’re ready to purchase.

And more likely than not, you’ve got their details so you can follow them up with your future marketing emails.

Pre-Formatted Layout

Using our pre-formatted structured layout with proven conversion capabilities gives you the best ROI from your online marketing efforts.

These websites are modern, professional, mobile responsive and fresh incorporating individualised branding and color themes strongly reflecting your business and products.

Essential customised calls to action are included and the site is optimised to get website visitors to make their purchase.



Database Builder

Your incorporated Database Builder is designed to capture website visitor’s information.

This grows your email list so you can be strategic with your email marketing efforts which is one of the most cost effective marketing tools out there.

If you’re not building your own database, you’re not doing ecommerce effectively.  This kind of data is arguably the most valuable commodity in the world today, and we aim to help you benefit from it.

Care Plan

Your monthly Care Plan includes website hosting, backups, ongoing maintenance and small website tweaks to text and images.

This is particularly essential for ecommerce websites to ensure your site is continually running correctly.

Even though you will be the owner of your website, we will maintain it so you can focus on your business.

Depending on your needs we can keep products up to date, or support your staff in keeping your products up to date.

Does your business need an ecommerce website that is great at selling your products and is easy to use?  This package is designed to help businesses to sell their products online.  Contact us today to discuss your ecomm needs and we can present a pricing plan that works for you.

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Need to Engage the services of a knowledgeable designer

Expert eCom websites are now supplying a virtual shopping assistance to the customers. When handled by a knowledgeable site designer, smaller sized eCom websites can contend at the content level with multinational websites. It is no surprise that eCom websites are in front of exploring with the new design ideas.

Every site needs fast load time on website

Ecommerce merchants should welcome the need for a great looking site. When an eCommerce site lacks optimization of code and images, increased load time of it’s page speed, and develop a bad impression in customer’s mind, the company gets affected. With the increased use of internet the fad for online shopping has actually been increased, individuals really desire a website which is well optimized and page loading time must be less or your bounce rate will suffer.

The Copy You compose Needs to Engage the web Visitor

Look at how YOU write about the item, mix in how your consumers speak about your item and research how others explain the experience and feeling of the items you sell. On an ecom website, clients can click through user-friendly navigation or utilize a search box to right away limit their item search. Now, if your site uses exactly what a user searches for and if your site is unoptimized, then this will make your site load slowly. The faster the website, the greater your chance will be to get a lot more clients. Still, if your eCommerce website does not supply exactly what the customer desires, it will add to your website bouncing rate. There is no doubt, responsive design is the future of website design. When it comes to ecommerce web development, opting responsive website design will bear some warranted success. The sites, which provide highly secured payment gateway, are now the most successfully operating sites their niche. On the other hand sites that fail to provide safe payment entrance, even huge organisations are losing their ground. Your ecommerce website must write fantastic, appealing and inclusive sales copy this vacation selling season. Copy that appears beautiful no matter what type of devices is being utilized and copy that does not promote the brand of your website need to develop for you to be able to flourish. It is not unusual for clients to follow a link in online search engine results, and land up on an ecomm site that they have actually never ever become aware of. One thing I have seen that in This type of Marketing, Your material needs to create some Curiosity amongst the individuals, so curiosity is the motivator for them to click onto your Website.

Online search engine optimization is essential

SEO is essential for ecommerce sites, otherwise zero traffic and no sales. Maximizing the search engine visibility of our eCommerce site, is the most important function SEO has to play in selling products online. Actually well looked into material over here for e-commerce web designers, SEO developing into material marketing and Guest blogging just, one can acquire Quality Back links only investing important time and spreading positiveness in websites not spams. The anticipated advantages to Web users include the decline of prices for product or services in brick and mortar establishments as makers and content producers develop a direct relationship with their consumers online, and the removal of payments to the middleman.

Make sure your payment Gateway Actually Works

With its numerous advantages, online shopping has actually become likewise a risk when it concerns making payments online. To do so, clients require a guaranteed payment entrance. Many online merchants have social share widgets throughout their website. Social shares aren’t enough. Social shares, those ubiquitous Facebook and Twitter widgets, are a great start, however social shares without becoming a social company is an error. Ecommerce sites are now supplying personalized accounts to the purchasers on their website. Buyers can filter their product search and can set several of their preferences through their accounts. The anticipated advantages to Internet users include the decrease of rates for services and products as producers and content begetters develop a direct relationship with their consumers, and the removal of payments to these intermediaries. When you are performing a physical company, you will see that customers do not wait on longer time, if left ignored. Similar holds true with Online Marketing. When your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, it is similar to neglecting a consumer. He or she will not wait and will move to someone with quicker loading website.

Online Shopping Basket

All the tricks in the world won’t force someone to buy who is not prepared to make the purchase. I’m not going to pretend that the checkout countdown used by major online merchants like Ticketmaster ™ and Fab. com doesn’t favorably effect checkout conversions, however, I will say that for somebody who is not all set to make the purchase– it is not going to force the purchase and stands a much better possibility of sensation aggressive. Organizations like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal are making the enormous procedure of money, Every designer should understand these focuses while building up the online company webpage. Taking full advantage of the search engine exposure of our eCommerce site, is the most essential role SEO has to play in selling products online. Now, if you desire that a site needs to get a lot of traffic, then relevance matters a lot so ensure your traffic is directed to their most appropriate items.

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