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Get Online Starter Package

Great Starting Point

We understand that not everyone has the budget to build a website, however we all need to have an online presence otherwise it appears that we don’t exist in this day and age.


Easy Websites?

Yes, there are some great alternative website builders out there that you can jump on and create a website and be up and running quickly.  But how do people find you?

Effective Strategy

Looking for what works best for your needs and budget is important.  Here at Ebundant Online we recognise that balancing that budget is important, but also how vital it is for every business to be represented well online.  We work hard to make sure the internet works hard for you.

Features of the Our Get Online Starter Package:


Webpage Brochure

Receive a webpage brochure that is built on Google property which is natively designed to be easily found in the Google Search Engine.  When you take this route your online presence operates seamlessly in the Google index.  This gives you better search performance than other web platforms.


Strategic Advantage

A strategic advantage of using Google’s webpage brochure is that by default the identity information from this webpage is injected directly into the Google index.

Because Google owns these platforms, there is no ongoing website maintenance costs.


Be Recognised

This Get Online Package is big on getting your business to be easily recognised by Google and in turn by people searching online.

Be Seen

Have your business details inserted correctly in the Google index gets your details easily seen by potential clients in different locations on Google.


Clear Information

As this is a Google property, by default Google injects your identity information in the backend the webpage providing clarity about who you are, about your business and what you sell so they can put you in front of the right people online.

Online Profile

Lastly, we’ll conduct an audit of your current online business listings and create an essential profile of online business listings to help Google see you as a real business and improve your brand visibility in the Google Search Engine.


Easily Updated

We’ll give you the information you need to manage your Google My Business listing yourself, this reduces costs and puts you in control.

Reviews Management

You’ll be able to manage Google reviews and use them to build your brand authority in the marketplace.

Increase Exposure

You’ll have the ability to add informational posts to your Google My Business listing allowing Google to showcase your business with images and videos increasing your brand exposure in Google.

The big goal of doing all of this is to make it easy for people to find you, find out about you, and know how to contact you.  This also helps Google know all about your business, so they can show your details to those who are looking for you.

With our experience in navigating the Google world we have discovered that it is very advantageous to get your information out there in your Google listing, maps, etc. In fact, it is essential for every service business and every brick and mortar business to be found on Google for your own brand name.  We can help you do just that.

Book a chat today to see how showcasing your business on Google can help people find you easily.

Use this package get the most value from your initial online marketing budget.

This where potential customers can find out more details about your business, what you’re about and how you can help them.

This is a unique and affordable offer to give you a great starting point for your business to be seen and found online when people are searching for you.

Book a chat today to see how showcasing your business on Google can help people find you easily.