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Advertising on Google

Strategic Advertising

As a business owner you’re interested in the most strategic place to spend your online advertising dollars.

You want real results with a solid return on investment.

You want to get in front of the right people at the right time.  You want fast results.

Where People Are

PCC (Pay Per Click) advertising can be the answer these challenges.

PPC is one arm of online advertising that really needs to be included for every small business.

Google is where people go to look for what you’ve got. They’re already searching there, this is where you need to be too.


PPC ads are extremely targeted.

They are also considered less intrusive than other ad types as they are targeting those who are actively searching for your product and are ready to purchase.

A high percentage of people who find local information in the search results that is helpful will go to a store to make their purchase.

Features of Our PPC Advertising Service:


Accurate Branding

To get your brand accurately displayed on Google, we’ll individualise your campaign setup based on your business, your location and your products or services. 

Your ads will be created in align with your brand, your unique selling point, and your product or services.


Individualised Campaign

To ensure you reach your desired target audience when they are actively searching, we individualise your campaign with keywords, location, time and day, what device they’re on and much more. You want to reach them when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Strategic Campaign Management

Our strategic campaign management is designed to give good return on investment and keyword data to give you the most profitable positions in the search engine.

Split testing of the ad creative ensures the best results for you. Your ads are monitored and adjusted to continually improve your conversion outcomes.


Monthly Reporting

Monthly reporting ensures that you can see how your ads are making a difference to your business.

No Lock in Contracts

While we recommend an investment of 3-6 months to start with, we do not lock you into a contract. We want you to continue beacuse it’s working!

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Other reasons to choose Google PPC


Faster Advertising Results

A successful PPC advertising campaign has the potential to help your business grow by generating profit faster than other online marketing methods. It can be impactful and efficient.

Most business want a ROI from their advertising dollars fast. PPC is arguably the fastest way to advertise with immediate results (depending on your location and product).

Measurable Results

With PPC, everything you do has a clear, measurable target. Being able to measure and track your campaign performance easily with real time data and analytics is hugely advantageous.

You can have reports on total views, views vs clicks, visits, costs per click, conversion rate, devices being used, average ad position and more.

Having clear data helps us refine campaigns and can reduce your costs per conversion.

Get fast results by getting in front of the right people at the right time. PPC is one effective way to sell your products. If you can combine the fast results of PPC with organic search engine optimising and other strategies then long term you can reap even more benefits

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